Portland Sings!

Portland Sings!: A Community Sing Along

Portland Sings! is a monthly gathering that (usually) occurs on the third Sunday of each month from 3:00 to 5:00PM  at TaborSpace, located at  5441 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 97215. 503-238-3905.

Upcoming dates are: Nov 23rd. (Please note that we will be in the Annex – which is downstairs at TaborSpace on Nov. 23rd The time is also different it will be from 2pm – 4pm) On Dec 13th Portland Sings! will be part of the annual Sing Free Now! Holiday Concert and Sing Along. More information on the Holiday Concert coming soon.

Please let your family and friends know about Portland Sings!. 

Portland Sings! is now on Meetup.com. Click here to join the Portland Sings! Meetup group. By joining Meetup it helps us to reach and attract new members. 


Mark BosnianMulti-instrumentalist Mark Bosnian, vocal coach and inductee into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, leads the group in singing songs of many genres: Motown, Pop, Rock, Folk, Soul, Blues, Country, Broadway, Standards, and more. Sing the melody, sing a harmony, sing whatever works for you. Adults and kids are welcome–if you want to sing, please come and add your voice.


If you’re shy about singing in public, just hang out and see how safe and easy it is to be part of Portland Sings! If you just want to listen and test the waters quietly and sporadically, you’re absolutely welcome.

If you would like to learn more about what goes on at the Sing Free Now! Vocal Studios click here


Admission is on a sliding scale of $5 to $10–checks, cash and credit cards accepted.


We don’t provide paper lyrics sheets. Instead, we encourage you to “go green” and bring your laptop, smart phone or tablet to Portland Sings and read the digital lyrics. To receive the Portland Sings! Lyric Book CLICK HERE (new songs included!). If you are printing out the new songs CLICK HERE for the PDF’s.


You can also print out the lyrics and some of them can be found in the popular book Rise Up Singing.


Donna Photo OneWe would also like to give a very special Thank You! to Donna Eide. She created our new digital book that allows you to click on the title of a song in the table of contents, and have the song open up – no more scrolling and searching!


Questions, comments, song suggestions? Click here and email us:  info@singfreenow.com